The Details: Zesty Appetizer

A little update from my Valentine’s Day (really just a Sunday brunch followed by a movie which happened to coincide with the 14th). I really don’t get what the big deal is about VDay. There shouldn’t be a specific day for showing love and it’s kind of divulged into a commercialized enterprise which also includes people in relationships posting about how great they are to people who are single (and not-so-secretly call in Single Awareness Day).  Hated it when I was single and my opinion hasn’t changed.

But this carmelized grapefruit topped with mint was an unexpected treat from Egg Restaurant, the Southern-style brunch place in the Kingdom of Brunch, a.k.a Williamsburg (recall  Allswell). As a Southerner my boyfriend said it was good food, but not authentic so there you go, but the chicken and bacon sausage was delicious (if so, so bad for you – but no worries, they have kale). Clawing away at the grapefruit with the ridged spoon was its own adventure and so rewarding when  I cleaned it out from the inside. Would recommend (the grapefruit though, didn’t quite get the grits…)


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