Castle in the Sky
The casinos in Atlantic City look like a mini Manhattan from this beach on the eastern side of the island.
The docks on the western side of the island form a beautiful backdrop to the sunset

Sitting at home with a pounding headache and a fever has been a mixed blessing, as I get to sleep all I want and conjure up new content.

Last weekend Jake and I went to visit his grandmother who lives in Brigantine, New Jersey, across the bridge from Atlantic City (about two hours by bus from New York) and that mini Manhattan-esque skyline of casinos. Apparently everyone flocks there from the city in the summer and it is a gorgeous place to spend a weekend, but in the winter it was peaceful and the sunsets no less stunning. So look forward to a summer update of this place when we return to the city, a proper travel guide of one of those places where you don’t have to see it all because aside from good food that you can order out and amazing beaches 5 minutes in every direction, there’s not much to do. And after weeks in the city, that’s wonderful for busybodies like me.

It’s almost Friday!


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