Red Bricks and Churning Seas


Events have begun to converge again, so that I am torn apart by all the possibilities. In my 20 year experience of life on this planet, little as though it may be, it always seems to me that life unfolds like an accordion, sending out forever-oscillating ripples. Periods of hard work and no play and bleak prospects followed by everything happening all at once, all the doors flung open and so much luck and joy it feels unreal. Not that I won the Powerball or anything, but I feel things shifting and gears groaning forward, reacting slowly to the backbreaking work it took to push them into motion again. Maybe it’s the start of spring and the beginning of a very interesting season for me, full of so many decisions whose ripples I cannot foresee. When I’m 70 I shall maybe write a book about it all because maybe everyone will think I lived through a crazy time and will want to know what went on in the minds of the strange people that were alive back then. And who knows, maybe I will have.

This past Sunday I had to get out of the house so I took Jake to walk around lower Manhattan and stumbled upon Little Italy, which was only a block away from my office. It was great to see a familiar part of town in a different light and the Instagram has been blowing up ever since.


Blue Bottled

This was from a week back, braving the cold to go out with my lovely friend Erica. I think this post encapsulates why I love photography so much, especially natural light photography – I never stop learning. There’s always something new to explore and some new angle to look at the thing you see every day, some new technique to try. It never stops evolving (if you call me a nerd who loves school you would be correct) and that’s why I love it.

Anyway, in addition to the semi-regular philosophic musings, there’s a NYC café guide here somewhere, namely Blue Bottle Coffee (the one in Williamsburg), one of those quintessentially cool, hardwood-floors-and-ceilings-and-tables-and-gleaming-coffee-equipment joints that also happens to be a chain but doesn’t feel like one. I’ve only tried the latte (my drink of choice between the months of September – May) and it was delicious and also warm which is all I was going for. They have a few tiny bites as edible options as well as granola and oatmeal and you have to fight for table space because it is always packed. Luckily I have a huge bag and as a Russian I rarely smile at strangers. 🙂

The Details: Zesty Appetizer

A little update from my Valentine’s Day (really just a Sunday brunch followed by a movie which happened to coincide with the 14th). I really don’t get what the big deal is about VDay. There shouldn’t be a specific day for showing love and it’s kind of divulged into a commercialized enterprise which also includes people in relationships posting about how great they are to people who are single (and not-so-secretly call in Single Awareness Day).  Hated it when I was single and my opinion hasn’t changed.

But this carmelized grapefruit topped with mint was an unexpected treat from Egg Restaurant, the Southern-style brunch place in the Kingdom of Brunch, a.k.a Williamsburg (recall  Allswell). As a Southerner my boyfriend said it was good food, but not authentic so there you go, but the chicken and bacon sausage was delicious (if so, so bad for you – but no worries, they have kale). Clawing away at the grapefruit with the ridged spoon was its own adventure and so rewarding when  I cleaned it out from the inside. Would recommend (the grapefruit though, didn’t quite get the grits…)

Castle in the Sky
The casinos in Atlantic City look like a mini Manhattan from this beach on the eastern side of the island.
The docks on the western side of the island form a beautiful backdrop to the sunset

Sitting at home with a pounding headache and a fever has been a mixed blessing, as I get to sleep all I want and conjure up new content.

Last weekend Jake and I went to visit his grandmother who lives in Brigantine, New Jersey, across the bridge from Atlantic City (about two hours by bus from New York) and that mini Manhattan-esque skyline of casinos. Apparently everyone flocks there from the city in the summer and it is a gorgeous place to spend a weekend, but in the winter it was peaceful and the sunsets no less stunning. So look forward to a summer update of this place when we return to the city, a proper travel guide of one of those places where you don’t have to see it all because aside from good food that you can order out and amazing beaches 5 minutes in every direction, there’s not much to do. And after weeks in the city, that’s wonderful for busybodies like me.

It’s almost Friday!

A(r)t Home

IMG_9256.2.krWhile I am the first to ooh and aah over a beautiful image, I also have begun to suffer from the feeling of duality that often accompanies those photos. Don’t get me wrong – I want to have a life as curated as a flat lay, in all white and black and neutral tones with matching latte art and on-demand lighting to match my Insta “feel” but, you know, I get bored when it’s all the same (good-bye solid branding strategy) and unfortunately, I also don’t live like this. Beautiful things are beautiful things and I appreciate all the photographers, bloggers and Instagrammers out there who make me think I should redecorate my life, but I think that’s precisely why it’s harder to glorify every day moments when all of a sudden they just won’t do.

Hence this photo. I secretly hate having my photo taken because I’m so picky when I take photos of others and I know how it all can go wrong, but I felt I had to suffer through a brief moment and take an un-posed photo of a moment I felt was gorgeous – me not on my phone, reading my favorite things and my hair, for once, was behaving. It just kind of struck me, how cozy I was and so un-Instagrammable.

That being said, since I promised to never take myself seriously, please expect more artful arrangements of latte art (tomorrow is Thursday, coffee day at my fave Café Integral) and faded photos of streets. But back to being philosophical and serious, this could be a new series, thoughts?

PSA: I am reading philosophical musings on travel, so you can bet this mood and the photos, will continue. At least until I finish.