D Acre Farms : Stay Home PSLs

IMG_8257.kr IMG_8260.krIMG_8302.kr IMG_8376.krIMG_8336.kr IMG_8334.krD Acres CollageIMG_8341.krIMG_8306.krIMG_8320.krIMG_8323.kr IMG_8277.krWith the fall foliage at its tipping point, right when the green bursts into vibrant yellows, oranges and reds, I decided to drag invite everyone to come get brunch at D Acre Farms. It’s an all-organic farm and quaint complex in New Hampshire, about an hour from Dartmouth, and the first Sunday of every month they host a brunch of foods grown/raised on the farm. I even walked past a clump of kale that later ended up on my plate. The food was delicious – huge vats of coffee and tea in mismatched cups while you wait for your brunch of pancakes, eggs, kale, apple strudel, potatoes and pulled pork – all grown on the farm, even the pig.

Even if you skip the brunch, it’s worth a visit to see the whole farm and crawl around a bit. I’m so sad I didn’t discover it in the summer – the summer kitchen as you can see was to-die for. A haphazard and charming décor that could totally be featured on Vogue or Condé Nast Traveler with Christmas lights and a view out onto the forest. There’s an outdoor oven and a greenhouse and a washing machine powered by a bicycle. There’s a vegetable and flower garden and an outside patio and a deck overlooking the forest. It’s so crunchy and amazing, even for people like me who adore running water and take a million showers a day.

If you can’t tell, fall is my favorite season and I just can’t wait for everyone to be tired of all my pictures of falling leaves and forests ablaze.