Finally back on campus, again, reunited with my fave, constant Wi-Fi, but separated from this little munchkin, who is the sweetest and also the most spoiled. Part of this is my fault, I’ll admit, a whole week of pastries and hot cocoa and movies and games for him, as a present for my arrival.

Could not resist this lighting, I’ve always liked the more dramatic casts of light, like literally everything Kat Irlin does (I am a huge fan of her work, double-clicking all the time). Anyway, having a few laughs before fall term begins – and btw, I won that hand and not just because he flashed his cards..


Setting Summer

Even though it’s September, the weather in Maine is hot and humid. Just a little something for Hump Day, a sunset-tinged beach at my favorite Fort Williams Park (are you tired of it yet?). That seagull tried to eat our food, by the way, circling us like a hawk, the seagulls are incorrigible on the coast, absolutely unafraid and shameless. The beginning of this week has been a whirlwind of communications and worries – the winter internship search continues, but fingers crossed one of these interviews works out.

Enjoy the last heat wave!

Northern Tropicana Americana

IMG_8069.krAlmost Tropical Collage.2IMG_8105.krFort Williams

Enjoying the last rays of sunshine before the New England fall sets in (yes it really changes that quickly) by returning to my favorite proletarian Fort Williams Park. So far my summer has been nothing but running around cafes (Portland Patisserie is divine, especially the crêpes salés), ice cream parlors (Kettle Cove Creamery is the seasonal, caloric little shack of an ice cream store that is a must-try), and reading The Lady in Gold, as well as contemplating my white and blue summer wardrobe (sometimes I wear khaki, for a pop of color) and imagining I was on a tropical getaway.

Hoping your (pre and) Labor Day weekend is as escapist and sunny as mine!

Also can we talk about how my new thing for this blog is going to be – awkward, original model poses (fancy way of saying candids?)