Farmers Market Finds

Wanted to commemorate my favorite part of summer in New England – farmer’s markets! And yes, I know they are everywhere, but there’s something to be said about intimately knowing the land on which you live and what it produces. But I’ll stop diving into Rousseau-esque musings. My time abroad in Paris left me with a craving for cheese, which I scarf down with my wine. I should probably do an official, pretty post about it eventually…so I keep saying. I also have rediscovered meat, if only because there are so many laws in New ¬†England about the treatment of animals that it’s actually healthy and free-range and all that. Plus New Englanders know how to cook meat.

But summer berries are my most favorite ever. Strawberries are now out of season, got the last of them when I went to visit my family for the 4th of July (and forgot my camera, the horror…why is there no Steller for Samsung Galaxy?! I took so many phone pictures). Blueberries are still in season though, so I’m settled. The only thing I miss is peaches, my favorite fruit ever. It’s just not the same up North.

It’s finally cooling down in Hanover, but enjoy the rest of the summer!

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