Summer School

Summer SchoolIMG_7802.krIMG_7786.2.krQueechee Gorge CollageIMG_7627.2.krSummer School OutfitWater

Finally dragged everyone out for some sunshine and cool rapids. Staying at Dartmouth during the summer isn’t all too bad, but it was good to get out and breathe a bit. Have recently gotten into a dogmatic rut of “This is How it Shall be for All Time” on the blog so this is a shake-up post. I just realized I can’t do one thing only, like I’ve been doing with the travel photos – I want to focus on photos of everything and everyone that interests me. It becomes a job otherwise, and jobs are uninspiring. I also almost never appear on the blog or share the things I wear. Mostly I go around like an upscale vagrant and fear exposing any skin, but it was hot and I really like my new bikini so I’m going to share it. Also have drooled over J.Crew’s panama hat for ages and finally went for it – makes me feel like a proper ’30s explorer.

So this outfit is what I wear when reality and dreams blur and I really, really like hats, but no one seems to wear them anymore in New England!

Happy Summer!

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