A recent scroll through Into the Gloss left me wanting to try facial steams. My skin is very bipolar and is now going through a happy, cooperative phase, but the plague of clogged pores is always upon me. So I hurried over to Fig & Yarrow to try their 4 seasons herbal steams trial/travel set. As it’s the last day of summer, I could still use their summer seasonal steam, full of clovers and nice minty smells. It was a great way to relax for 5-15 minutes and then run to the bathroom mirror, expecting a miracle. Since I just used it, can’t tell you about a glowing complexion yet, although I feel all healthy and herbal-y and it opens the pores like no other. And my skin is so soft! Can’t wait to start my autumn routine with all the different herbs and pretty, dried cornflowers, especially when junior year stress gets to me!


Montreal In Stitches

Just came back from a whirlwind weekend in Montreal – confusing addresses, blistered feet and a Pride parade that prevented us from leaving the city this morning for over two hours – I can only say that despite all this, the trip was a success in that it completely took my mind off all the mundane concerns that were driving me nuts and are now slowly returning as I settle back into Hanover life.

It was a trip of firsts – my first time using Airbnb, booked a cozy apartment in the Plateau, which is hands down my favorite neighborhood, thanks to this article (and Google Maps) which gave me a few pointers (still raving about Le Lab and their amazing innovative cocktails/service). Subsequently discovered I was a foodie – am very picky about restaurants and cafes – it all has to have the “right vibe,” whatever that means. Also that I have an intuitive sense of direction, like that compass in Pirates of the Caribbean that points you at what you want, not necessarily where you should be going. Like Parc la Fontaine that I found while aimlessly wandering around in the morning, with that jogger philosophically posing at the edge – it was perfect. And this flowering tea! Haven’t had it in ages – have a teapot like this at home…but alas laziness.

Highly recommend if you’re in New England and want another stamp on the passport. And most people understood my French, huzzah!

Farmers Market Finds

Wanted to commemorate my favorite part of summer in New England – farmer’s markets! And yes, I know they are everywhere, but there’s something to be said about intimately knowing the land on which you live and what it produces. But I’ll stop diving into Rousseau-esque musings. My time abroad in Paris left me with a craving for cheese, which I scarf down with my wine. I should probably do an official, pretty post about it eventually…so I keep saying. I also have rediscovered meat, if only because there are so many laws in New  England about the treatment of animals that it’s actually healthy and free-range and all that. Plus New Englanders know how to cook meat.

But summer berries are my most favorite ever. Strawberries are now out of season, got the last of them when I went to visit my family for the 4th of July (and forgot my camera, the horror…why is there no Steller for Samsung Galaxy?! I took so many phone pictures). Blueberries are still in season though, so I’m settled. The only thing I miss is peaches, my favorite fruit ever. It’s just not the same up North.

It’s finally cooling down in Hanover, but enjoy the rest of the summer!

Summer School

Summer SchoolIMG_7802.krIMG_7786.2.krQueechee Gorge CollageIMG_7627.2.krSummer School OutfitWater

Finally dragged everyone out for some sunshine and cool rapids. Staying at Dartmouth during the summer isn’t all too bad, but it was good to get out and breathe a bit. Have recently gotten into a dogmatic rut of “This is How it Shall be for All Time” on the blog so this is a shake-up post. I just realized I can’t do one thing only, like I’ve been doing with the travel photos – I want to focus on photos of everything and everyone that interests me. It becomes a job otherwise, and jobs are uninspiring. I also almost never appear on the blog or share the things I wear. Mostly I go around like an upscale vagrant and fear exposing any skin, but it was hot and I really like my new bikini so I’m going to share it. Also have drooled over J.Crew’s panama hat for ages and finally went for it – makes me feel like a proper ’30s explorer.

So this outfit is what I wear when reality and dreams blur and I really, really like hats, but no one seems to wear them anymore in New England!

Happy Summer!