Nautically  Cape Elizabeth

Some snapshots from Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Still in the process of discovering my new home, and it’s the most outside I’ve been since…forever. This is the quintessential postcard-perfect place in Cape Elizabeth/Portland, and once again, I have to go with the flow and agree. It’s so nautical – Portland Head Light is the lighthouse of fairy tales…or more like nautical tales of sweethearts looking for their sailor husbands in a storm. Just makes me want to wear stripes and straw hats all day. It’s an absolutely amazing cliff walk and my cute baby cousin Vincent went between being too cool for this to wanting to run away. He’s so cute (of course).

My aunt, who lives in Dresden (I tend to flood this place with photos taken from her place), came to tour Canada and the Northeast with her family, 9-month-old and 3-year old in tow (not pictures because he really was too cool for this).

I will eventually pick up the slack and make a proper guide to Portland and the Part of Maine that is Accessible to Everyone and Not in the Middle of Nowhere. I want to try my luck at How-To and To-Do guides and improve on this whole layout thing.

Also please enjoy calming pictures of the water. I’ve never been a fan of swimming but I do like the idea of water, the ocean nearby, dipping my toes in, flashing my bikini.

Happy Summer!