Avignon Part 2: Sur Le Pont d’Avignon

IMG_4967.krIMG_4975.krIMG_5015.krIMG_5011.krIMG_4969.krIMG_4968.krIMG_5026.krAvignon  LightIMG_4971.krIMG_5102.krIMG_4993.2.kr

Sur le Pont d’Avignon
L’on y danse, l’on y danse
Sur le Pont d’Avignon
L’on y danse tous en rond

Voila the rest of my trip to Avignon – in reality there is so much more to post but let’s leave some to the imagination or further exploration. The above verse is from a fairly famous 15th century song about the Pont de St. Benezet, built by Saint Benedict the Builder. It’s mostly gone now, but 4 arches remain, as pictured above. It’s right outside the city, which has a wonderful walkway by the river and free boat rides. I also love the stories of saints, it seems to be one of the only ways to become upwardly mobile in the Middle Ages.

On the third day, feeling much better, I ventured out to town, not just the one main street I was used to trudging along, it was mildly shabby in an interesting, charming sort of way and there were all sorts of shops selling lavender everything and olive oil and famous calissons, which I love but did not get (strep throat = no appetite for anything). Avignon was also where I walked into a pharmacy, demanded a doctor and explained my ailments in what I gather was incomprehensible French. However, I have fallen in love with the socialistic health care system – antibiotics and a check up for 32 euros without insurance was unreal.

My last night was also Halloween, and it was really funny to see how the French celebrated – they barely did. But I did see some middle-school aged kids in costume. I just had a glass of wine in the company of this fascinating Spanish engineering teacher from London, after we had climbed over some fences to explore some institute in Avignon.

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