Colors of Fog

Finally back home in Portland, although home is such a loose term right now. I’ve barely been here, but I hope this summer marks the start of a better understanding of the North. It is so different from everywhere else, just like anywhere else is different from everywhere else. It’s fresher here than in Hanover, probably because I’m 15 minutes from the coast. Yesterday it was marmy and a fog settled in after the sun set, so I had my parents stop in the middle of the road so I could take pictures, because sometimes my hands start to itch after not taking photos for a while.

The struggle for WiFi is real. TimeWarner, who was supposed to be our provider, is terrible, so we are proud but Wi-Fi-less, so it’s very relaxing, like a cabin in the woods. But sometimes I want to waste time on the Internet or download movies…so currently in the local cafe that I biked to (which should merit its own mention since I never bike).

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