Avignon Part 1: La Lumière Provençale

IMG_4964.krIMG_4962.krIMG_4981.krIMG_4983.krAvignonAs an “artiste” (said with no small amount of irony or eye-rolls) I am obsessed with light. And it’s hardly surprising, especially if anyone has read Kinfolk’s feature on light in Volume Fourteen – light is necessary to survival, integral to the human condition. circadian rhythms, vitamin D and so on. But it’s also gorgeous and so versatile – never the same in different parts of the world. Depending on my mood, I like the light in Tuscany best, it’s so smooth and relaxed, in Paris it’s bright and hazy, if that makes sense and in Hanover it is stark and sometimes overpowering, makes for great contrasts.

In Provence, namely Avignon, where I spent 3 peaceful and yet eventful days relaxing and recuperating from strep (except the first night when I met up with some Brits and ended up waltzing into the train station with a bottle of wine and my sheep pajamas…needless to say we stayed friends). I told myself I wouldn’t tire myself out and I had no agenda, so I just climbed all over the city and took pictures of everything – mainly the Palais des Papes and the Rocher des Doms. Came away with some lavender essential oil from one of the shops and I sniff at it now to deal with finals stress.

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