Arquiste & the New World

Not to claim that I’ve discovered an 8th continent, but for me it’s a whole new world : Perfume. What began, very predictably, in Paris with 1725, continues in the States with Arquiste and many others. I happened upon the brand through J Crew, the only shopping available to Hanover residents, and as always I have to see the original website. I love the branding and the packaging (such a sucker for pretty pictures), evoking periods of time in history, so I splurged on the woods and citrus travel set. I generally detest florals and overly sweet smells, so I tend towards masculine fragrances and I thought this would be perfect! I have a few favorites, like Etrog, a deep sort of citrus and The Architect’s Club, which fades into a sweet vanilla, but on the whole I will continue my search for something to rival my current scent. Just ordered a lot more samples from LuckyScent, so I suppose I won’t be able to resist posting

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