Arquiste & the New World

Not to claim that I’ve discovered an 8th continent, but for me it’s a whole new world : Perfume. What began, very predictably, in Paris with 1725, continues in the States with Arquiste and many others. I happened upon the brand through J Crew, the only shopping available to Hanover residents, and as always I have to see the original website. I love the branding and the packaging (such a sucker for pretty pictures), evoking periods of time in history, so I splurged on the woods and citrus travel set. I generally detest florals and overly sweet smells, so I tend towards masculine fragrances and I thought this would be perfect! I have a few favorites, like Etrog, a deep sort of citrus and The Architect’s Club, which fades into a sweet vanilla, but on the whole I will continue my search for something to rival my current scent. Just ordered a lot more samples from LuckyScent, so I suppose I won’t be able to resist posting


Quickies in New England


Taking a break from a hectic week to post some pictures! This year I’ve begun to venture outside of Hanover and explore New England proper. There are so many cute little towns within an hour of Dartmouth – we went to Quechee, White River Junction and Woodstock, all across the border in Vermont and all less than 30 minutes away.

We first stopped over in White River Junction, a minuscule town with the most amazing Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant Tuckerbox. I won’t pretend to be a connoisseur or a food critic, but their meat is simply the best in my opinion and their Turkish coffee legitimate (according to my boyfriend, who’s been). This time I decided to snack on some desserts – the Kunefe with the pistachios and Almond pudding pictured above. My Kunefe was doused in honey and perfect and even my picky eater friend loved her pudding.

Then we just had to stop by Quechee, home of the beautiful gorge and also Simon PearceĀ – a glass works factory/workshop attached to a reportedly great restaurant that I have yet to try. The dining room overlooks the waterfall that’s used to make the glass, which is sold in shops all over New England (there’s one in Hanover and I will one day splurge there on something for my mom). The covered bridges are all over Vermont, they remind me of the medieval bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland, we had a beautiful view of the river from the one I photographed above.

We only waltzed around Woodstock for a bit since everything had closed by 5:30 pm (atrocious) but there’s the town crier to tell you all the fun things going on around town. Woodstock deserves its own post and I will one day get around to that, but here’s some of Vermont.

And it’s finally spring in New England, with all its’ humidity and random showers.