Shorter Southern Sabbatical

Even though I moved to Maine in the winter, my heart, in part, still belongs to the South, so I went to visit my boyfriend there for part of the spring break. I didn’t take too many pictures, spent way too much time wandering the city and soaking up the warmth (still has not hit 65 in Hanover nor Portland for that matter) and then the last day I spent recovering from food poisoning. And my flight was canceled.

But Savannah, GA and South Carolina were beautiful. My boyfriend lived at the border between the two so I could simultaneously visit the city and Hilton Head (see burning sunsets above). It was slow and charming and beautiful and a perfect escape from the cold. As always, I suggest wandering the city and going into whatever suits your fancy (my father always gets mad at this approach to travelling, but I just can’t bring myself to “See the sights,” I get so bored). Also we snuck into Palmetto Bluff, a neighborhood that used to be a huge plantation, you can still see the remains of it in the main square and the docks overlooking the river (pictured above).


Preponderance of Light


As much as I loved Florence, Sienna is the true gem of my Italian vacation. The narrow, winding medieval streets, the wind that batters you as soon as you make it out of the jungle of buildings, the subsequent strep throat I acquired. I only stopped in Sienna for a night and stayed in a beautiful hotel near the Piazza del Campo and the Duomo – I Terzi di Siena, I recommend for the more independent travelers. The hotel had an amazing terrace with the views seen above.

Also apologize for the long absence, the beginning of spring has been nothing but stress, drowned phones and food poisoning. But happy spring!