Firenze At Sunset Only

IMG_4785.krIMG_4744.krIMG_4759.krIMG_4671.krIMG_4676.krIMG_4782IMG_4692.krObviously not only at sunset, but I do think that is the time at which Florence is absolutely magical. Spent a few days here during my vacation in late October and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have always wanted to go to Italy. I’ve been to Germany and Austria countless times to visit my grandma, but Italy has always been an elusive dream. I have come to the conclusion that Italy is on everyone’s to do list, and for once I’m happy to do what everyone else is doing. In my own way of course. I spent my days wandering the city with my camera, waking up early, sleeping during the day and then hopping about at sunset and nightfall. I rounded out my exploration of Tuscany with a night in Sienna, which was not nearly enough but by that time I had an intense fever and strep throat so I just tottered around the city and watched the amazing sunset from my balcony (pictures to come later).

I could go on, but I’m going to end with that catch-all phrase of comic book and terrible soap opera fame: I’ll be back.

One thought on “Firenze At Sunset Only

  1. Great photos! I prefer Florence during the evening as well. During the day it’s so packed with tourists and all the people selling stuff to tourists, but at night, the city just empties out and you can get to know what it’s really like.

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