Come away to Paris in the Autumn

IMG_4274.krLuxembourg CollageIMG_4276.krIMG_4278.krIMG_4286.krLoveseat CollageIMG_4293.krLavieenrose

Had a lovely walk today instead of doing real work. I had the lightest feeling, utterly un-self-conscious, absolutely curious. I started in the Luxembourg Gardens near the school and then on to Bastille to explore the tail end of some canal and the lovely garden by the quai. Then through all of the Marais to Place des Vosges and into a little photography exhibition. I absolutely have to go back.

I fell in love with Paris. I was so unsure about the city but as soon as I could forget myself I was off daydreaming and wandering. An elderly gentleman tipped his cowboy hat at me. He was so sweet and told me I was lovely and shook my hand and made me feel beautiful, so what’s not to like? Tomorrow I go to the Loire! I wish everyone an amazing (early) weekend!

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