Coloring the Hameau de la Reine


A few photos from my visit to Versailles last Friday. It was a beautiful day and I finally got to see the gardens and the Trianons along with the Hameau, the little village, of Marie-Antoinette. Personally, I never liked Versailles the palace. Too many tourists, you can hardly breathe and all the furniture was either pillaged or auctioned off during the Revolution. I can absolutely understand why Marie-Antoinette preferred the Petit Trianon and her village. It’s absolutely charming and intimate and the tourists don’t really care about it and I adored getting lost in the English garden (but then again, when am I not lost?). And I can totally see why the French hated her – it’s a bit insulting and insensitive, to spend so much money making an idealized version of what many French people at the time lived in (but in extreme poverty and probably a lot of dirt and no cute chickens).

Autumn has just begun to color Ile-de-France and I can’t wait to show you more foliage photos. It has to be my favorite season and it’s at its peak right about now. More from Versailles later (maybe…I always say that and then don’t post anything…)

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