Happy Sunday!

NuitBlanche CollageIMG_4208.krIMG_4192.kr

A few of yesterday’s snapshots. It was Nuit Blanche, where all the museums of Paris are open all night and there are many exhibitions around the city, like this one being set up in Hotel de Ville. And finally, finally the macaroons.

Last year I visited Paris for a few days and I desperately wanted to try some macaroons. I’d fallen in love with them in the States, but as an original French treat I wanted to try them in France. I was in Versailles and walked right into the Ladurée boutique they had. Right as I was about to buy some of the brightly colored gems, I was dragged away because I was late, yet again, and my transportation was leaving. So right then and there  I vowed to be back soon to taste real French macaroons. Ameliorating my French, studying art history and literature and travelling to Italy during the break were only secondary appeals. It was the macaroons that brought me here under the pretense of studying abroad.

I’d initially wanted to try Ladurée but upon further research I found Pierre Hermé to be the favorite, although I definitely won’t stop there. Pierre Hermé’s creations were heavenly – my favorite of the ones I tried were the Jasmine and Ispahan.

Future lovers, take a cue!

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