Come away to Paris in the Autumn

IMG_4274.krLuxembourg CollageIMG_4276.krIMG_4278.krIMG_4286.krLoveseat CollageIMG_4293.krLavieenrose

Had a lovely walk today instead of doing real work. I had the lightest feeling, utterly un-self-conscious, absolutely curious. I started in the Luxembourg Gardens near the school and then on to Bastille to explore the tail end of some canal and the lovely garden by the quai. Then through all of the Marais to Place des Vosges and into a little photography exhibition. I absolutely have to go back.

I fell in love with Paris. I was so unsure about the city but as soon as I could forget myself I was off daydreaming and wandering. An elderly gentleman tipped his cowboy hat at me. He was so sweet and told me I was lovely and shook my hand and made me feel beautiful, so what’s not to like? Tomorrow I go to the Loire! I wish everyone an amazing (early) weekend!


Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

IMG_4117.2 IMG_4121.2.krQuickly I realized I only have time to upload on Sundays and Mondays, before real life starts back up again and I’m running everywhere. This is my favorite part of Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors. It’s so open and beautiful, and stands for much more than showing off which is really what Versailles is. So much light and such surprising simplicity. It was a lot smaller than  I had imagined, the glass was dirty and not even a full unbroken mirror but panes of mirrors put together. But nevertheless my favorite location.

Coloring the Hameau de la Reine


A few photos from my visit to Versailles last Friday. It was a beautiful day and I finally got to see the gardens and the Trianons along with the Hameau, the little village, of Marie-Antoinette. Personally, I never liked Versailles the palace. Too many tourists, you can hardly breathe and all the furniture was either pillaged or auctioned off during the Revolution. I can absolutely understand why Marie-Antoinette preferred the Petit Trianon and her village. It’s absolutely charming and intimate and the tourists don’t really care about it and I adored getting lost in the English garden (but then again, when am I not lost?). And I can totally see why the French hated her – it’s a bit insulting and insensitive, to spend so much money making an idealized version of what many French people at the time lived in (but in extreme poverty and probably a lot of dirt and no cute chickens).

Autumn has just begun to color Ile-de-France and I can’t wait to show you more foliage photos. It has to be my favorite season and it’s at its peak right about now. More from Versailles later (maybe…I always say that and then don’t post anything…)

Happy Sunday!


A few of yesterday’s snapshots. It was Nuit Blanche, where all the museums of Paris are open all night and there are many exhibitions around the city, like this one being set up in Hotel de Ville. And finally, finally the macaroons.

Last year I visited Paris for a few days and I desperately wanted to try some macaroons. I’d fallen in love with them in the States, but as an original French treat I wanted to try them in France. I was in Versailles and walked right into the Ladurée boutique they had. Right as I was about to buy some of the brightly colored gems, I was dragged away because I was late, yet again, and my transportation was leaving. So right then and there  I vowed to be back soon to taste real French macaroons. Ameliorating my French, studying art history and literature and travelling to Italy during the break were only secondary appeals. It was the macaroons that brought me here under the pretense of studying abroad.

I’d initially wanted to try Ladurée but upon further research I found Pierre Hermé to be the favorite, although I definitely won’t stop there. Pierre Hermé’s creations were heavenly – my favorite of the ones I tried were the Jasmine and Ispahan.

Future lovers, take a cue!