Sur La Seine

IMG_4039.krIMG_4056.krParis CollageIMG_4082.krIMG_4046.krIMG_4071IMG_4064.krOne of my many walks in Paris, along the Seine and into the Jardin des Tuileries. I won’t go into the chorus of sighs and ooh and ahhs that follows Paris because personally I’ve heard enough. Sometimes talking about something ruins it. But Paris can’t be ruined. The capricious weather and the crowds of tourists (let’s be fair here, I am one) make me want to tap my little red heels and return to Southern suburbia, but then the sun comes out or even better, goes to bed so beautifully, I grudgingly forget everything and run off to explore and take pictures.

I personally love the Seine, especially the Latin Quarter because ahem, I’m a student and ahem, I’m all about ancient books and that over-sized sweaters and my glasses that I put on when I need to see/do not want to be hit on. Soon I shall poke my nose into the Marais and explore Montmartre some more but for now my favorite area is near the Odéon theater, so many cute little shops and the best creperie and the Seine with the vintage wares in green boxes (as seen in Midnight in Paris). I could totally live there and eat my lunch at the tip of Ile-de-la-Cité with all the other beautiful French people. Also, I refuse to buy American things. I do not walk into stores I can visit at home and the only reason I get Astérix comics (to pass on to my children, of course) is because it’s way cheaper in France. This snobbishness though.

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