Casanova : A Piece of Paris

IMG_4093.krA little bit of Paris, my way of not posting all the other photos I’ve taken. I never wear perfume. The ones that are available to me in Sephoras and other department stores always seem to be too strong, too heady, too much like an old lady who wears lipstick outside the lines (which I aspire to be, but not for now). So I just take to showering often and using delicious-smelling shampoo, which has led a friend to dub me the “Hypoallergenic Woman.”

But Paris has made me realize what a difference good perfume makes. In the metro, outside with the foules of tourists, I need my own cloud of paradise. But I don’t want just ANY cloud of paradise. I want a Parisian cloud that I cannot find in the States. Hence, Histoires de Parfums 1725. It’s a faint masculine scent inspired by Casanova, light and versatile, like the man himself I suppose. I searched high and low for a vendor and finally stumbled upon Jovoy, a most brilliant shop that seemed to answer all my prayers of bohemian perfume. Dark red and spacious, right off the super touristy rue de Rivoli, with shining glass and ribbons and the smell of Made in France, my friends and I spent ages walking around sniffing everything. There’s even a perfume created specifically for Napoleon and Josephine by Rancé, one of the oldest perfumers.

Anyway, I highly recommend it to anyone wandering around the Tuileries and needing to escape into something dark and cool and seductive-smelling. The owner was also one of the kindest people in the world, he even put up with my French and gave us all free samples.

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