Stealing the September Sun

IMG_3717.2.krIMG_3785.krnellysun CollageIMG_3781.2IMG_3782.2IMG_3721.krIMG_3773.2.krIMG_3762.krIMG_3788.2.krIMG_3789.krnellytea CollageIMG_3805.krWrapping up my summer in Nashville with an old guest star – Nelly – whom you’ve seen here. She’s so gorgeous, absolutely no posing needed – she and I just kind of naturally captured her in these moments of strength and confidence. And because I had missed my rumpled self on camera, there’s quite a bit of sun kissed me. I love shooting at sunset but the light can get tricky, especially since I have a little orange sun-stache in one of the above. 

This outing was a bit home-y and we settled into our lattes (in the evening too, the Italians would be horrified) in a neighborhood cafe. Also, elation, I finally found the perfect white button-down. If I were to regale you with my 2 year long search for the perfect white shirt and the struggle of having broad shoulders, long arms and a short torso, you would rightly think I was crazy and OCD.

Enjoy the September sunshine!

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