Dreams of the Sea: Binz

Binz (149).2.kr

Binz (147).2.kr

Binz (110).kr

Binz (103).kr

cafe Collage

Binz (157).kr

Binz (153).kr

Wandel Collage

Binz (128).kr

Binz (154).kr

Binz (122).kr

Binz (113)To be completely honest, I hate to swim. I maybe dip in the water twice a summer, but I love the nautical aesthetic, the very atmosphere of the seaside. Stripes, anchors, seaside walks, everything short of going into the water. So I absolutely adored Ostseebad Binz when we went there with my aunt and uncle and the very star of most of my photoshoots that summer, my cousin Frederik. 

Binz was part of Eastern Germany and therefore escaped the modernization of its Western brethren. The whitewashed, Victorian-esque streets have remained as have the amber coasts (I picked up a few of the gems one day), but more on that later, if I get to it! For now, it’ll be more of this darling wonderland, a little area  to the North, formerly a maritime seat of the Slavic peoples. The statue pictured above marked the entrance to their fort, which unfortunately was being excavated by archaeologists. (Also a former dream job of mine)

I also love lighthouses which is so painfully cliche I might as well get it over with. There were two, the taller one was 100 years old and the shorter one was 200+, the oldest lighthouse on the Baltic. Got to climb up and all, it was so claustrophobic until you reached the top.

Also more on Sanddorn, a berry not only popular in Binz but also in Russia. Felt like I was home, surrounded by all the things you can make out of the berries – candies, tea (pictured above), shampoo, liquor. I think I tried them all, even Weleda’s sanddorn body lotion (smells like sun and my new favorite resort).

Enjoy pictures of sun and flowers and sea, because I did. Plus it was cold enough to justify me wrapping up (my favorite thing to do).


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