The Perpetual State of Adventure

Ava Collage

IMG_3694Saw my dear friend Ava off yesterday! We’ve been together for only 3 years but it feels like so much longer! I absolutely adore Ava’s curly blonde ringlets, she looks like such an angel, nothing needed. I’ve always wanted to have curly hair, my fascination partially stems from the fact that I have thick, straight, unruly hair that just does its own thing.

We were going to go to Live on the Green, the outdoor concert last night, but we stopped by Crema, the cutest coffee shop with the most interesting decor and coffee soda (orange bitters and coffee…pictured above and absolutely delicious) and some warmed quiche. It began to pour and thunder and we were dressed in our thin summery shifts and shirts, with no umbrellas. It took us an hour to make a 20-minute walk to the parking lot, hopping in between awnings, screaming when our leather sandals were soaked, trying not to look creepy and miserable hiding in the alcoves of buildings. In a strange way it was exciting and wonderful, I felt like we were on an adventure, but when do I not think we’re all on an adventure? Downtown Nashville was looking especially grisly, like some vaudeville horror, all bright lights and black clouds. I think I just live in a perpetual state of readiness to be astounded.

Pictures of Ava were taken while hiding out in the rain, at close quarters.  I think I Instagrammed (look! It’s a verb!) during the storm too, it was all very exciting.


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