An Austrian Paradox

Salzburg (37).kr

Salzburg (35).kr

Salzburg (41).kr

Salzburg (40).kr

Salzburg (46).kz

And then a sunny picture of bikes! I absolutely adore paradoxes and juxtapositions, like this church in Salzburg. I forget the name now but it was beautiful and airy with the sort of taken-for-granted Baroque elegance that is so very common in all of those types of churches. And then there was a staircase leading down into the dark where the light and airy elegance gave way to massive monolithic stones and darkness. How very deliciously Gothic! (Excuse me, it’s Penny Dreadful talking).

And then out again into the sunny streets of a charming Austrian city near the Alps. Sitting at home this summer the recollections of the previous one come back to me like this.

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