Cotton Candy Skies

IMG_3138IMG_3139IMG_3154.dlIMG_3167.dlIMG_3151.dlIMG_3147.dlIMG_3247IMG_3281.dlIMG_3290IMG_3291IMG_3225I think I can now officially say this is my last summer in Nashville. My family is moving up to Maine within the year and it’ll be very close to Dartmouth. I used to complain about Nashville all the time, how it was boring, sprawling, small, calm. And now that  I’m about to leave I miss it so much!

So I’ve devoted this entire summer not only to working but discovering the wonders of the South, mostly Nashville. Back to my ultimate favorite coffee shop, the Frothy Monkey. Although to be fair it’s tied with Provence. Our server was absolutely the most unaffected, charming person – she told me she carried my coffee extra carefully so I could photograph the design! Then we strolled around the often kitschy, but not without its wonders downtown Nashville and ended up in the Riverfront park right as the sun set and everything was coated in this warm, pinkish glow. I could not believe our luck – sunsets like these are so very rare , especially with the recently terrible weather.

Hope everyone is having a great week! 


Au Naturel

IMG_3021.dl IMG_3040 IMG_3038.dl IMG_3031 IMG_3080 IMG_3130IMG_3073 IMG_3122 IMG_3097 IMG_3127 IMG_3119 This past week has been exhausting, so glad to relax and see an old friend in the amazing neighborhood of 12th South. It was a day of firsts, my first popsicle at Las Paletas, the first food pic I’m satisfied with and my hair was so voluminous today. Too many candids and too much fun, I urge anyone to check out 12th South. Nashville was feeling very European today, gray skies, church bells, live classical music and beautiful city parks.

Never the Maple Syrup

Happy Sunday! This morning I woke up to delicious whole wheat pancakes which was a surprise. My family is Russian and we have blini, thin crepes, instead of pancakes for breakfast so my mom never made pancakes for us. And even now that she has, there was no maple syrup to pour over them, despite the fact I go to school in New Hampshire (read: maple syrup paradise…literally everything is made of maple syrup) – there was my favorite golden Florida Orange Blossom honey and boysenberry sauce and chocolate sauce and jams, but never maple syrup. It is so very much like my family (I don’t even like regular American pancakes).

Just a quick musing on culinary traditions and identity.



About a week ago I chopped my hair yet again, it was getting so drab and dull! I bobbed it, because bobbing my hair releases aggression, tension, depression, etc. But I swear to you once the salon sparkle wore off, my hair has never looked this good since. Anyway, thought I’d share a blurry candid, the ones where my father say I “truly smile.” Cue my adoration for candids.

Sky full of Stars

4thofjuly Collage

This picturesque post is proof I cannot just take one picture and be satisfied. Everything, everything excites my curiosity and must be documented. Had a lovely 4th of July celebration with some family friends, complete with their energetic dogs, homemade guacamole (by my mom!), virgin and non-virgin sangrias, sparklers, smoke bombs, laughter – had the loveliest time! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July, or just a great summer weekend!

The Czech Bubbly

Prague (378).2
Prague (380)

I think my obsession with Prague is now painfully clear. But how could I fail to share one of the most surprising and magical scenes? A street performer blowing huge bubbles across Old Town Square, with many giggling children and us tourists.

Now I have to visit at Christmastime.

Happy Fourth of July!

Southern Ladies


Spinning off the unofficially acknowledged rule of “It ain’t southern if it ain’t in a mason jar,” decided to have a little jaunt with my friend in the park to catch up on gossip and the new glossy pages of Porter, with the most glorious images.

Finger sandwiches, strawberries, bugs and giggles abounded as the sun set and the fireflies came out. All my life in Nashville I didn’t like it, right up to before I left for college. Then I discovered the joys in little modernized Southern delights like homemade jam, ridiculous hats, cowboy boots and the slow, easy life in the warmth.