Rooftops of Praha

Prague Collage

Prague (281)

The view of Prague from Hradkany or Prague Castle, with a little cameo of the Charles Bridge or Karluv Most.

I think my love affair with Prague started with a photo that I saw my sophomore year of high school on a travel poster advertising an Eastern Europe trip. It was Prague, fairy tale-like and sparking in the light of the setting sun. And like the 6 year old  I still am, I wanted to see that magic for myself. I had wanted to go ever since, even forgoing a trip to Italy to visit the city of bright red-orange rooftops. Today is roughly the one year anniversary of my trip to Prague, as part of a grander Europe trip so indicative of a high school graduate.

And I love Prague even more now that I’ve been. It’s like an indie band that is beginning to become popular. Not as crowded, not as kitschy, still with that natural fairy-tale like splendor that has not quite yet become geared towards tourists. Although my visit to Europe in a few months is of an entirely different nature – studying in Paris for two months in the fall, I hope to go back to this gorgeous city in the winter for the Christmas markets. For now, I dream and remember.


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