Wall Art in Dresden



Baby on one of our last walks in Dresden before we left for Munich. Our aunt lives in Neustadt, a neighborhood with the most eclectic personality I’ve seen yet! It was one of my favorite cities I’ve visited so far – beautiful, haphazard, yet strangely calm. I could walk to the city center if I wanted to.

Graffiti was everywhere, as were the people, mostly students, sitting on the cobblestones outside bars and clubs. I especially loved this vandalistic philosophical statement.


Rooftops of Praha

Prague Collage

Prague (281)

The view of Prague from Hradkany or Prague Castle, with a little cameo of the Charles Bridge or Karluv Most.

I think my love affair with Prague started with a photo that I saw my sophomore year of high school on a travel poster advertising an Eastern Europe trip. It was Prague, fairy tale-like and sparking in the light of the setting sun. And like the 6 year old  I still am, I wanted to see that magic for myself. I had wanted to go ever since, even forgoing a trip to Italy to visit the city of bright red-orange rooftops. Today is roughly the one year anniversary of my trip to Prague, as part of a grander Europe trip so indicative of a high school graduate.

And I love Prague even more now that I’ve been. It’s like an indie band that is beginning to become popular. Not as crowded, not as kitschy, still with that natural fairy-tale like splendor that has not quite yet become geared towards tourists. Although my visit to Europe in a few months is of an entirely different nature – studying in Paris for two months in the fall, I hope to go back to this gorgeous city in the winter for the Christmas markets. For now, I dream and remember.


The Best of Baby


An utter rascal, but devastatingly cute and he knows it. My little brother Daniel, always “Baby” – I like to plague him with the promise that even when he’s 40, I will call him Baby. A few more snaps from Atlanta. My most favorite thing in the world is to take candids. (I was tickling him in the last one). They reveal so much about a person, no matter how bad or good the lighting is. I will literally sit there with my DSLR glued to my face and continuously snap away, much to the annoyance of the camera shy.

Summer Magic


This feeling can only be described in the collective memory as summer, with all its interchangeable meanings and memories. A few snaps from last weekend and the fam’s mini vacation to Atlanta and our watery walk in Olympic Park. My brother Daniel could not resist splashing around and I could not resist photographing it all. As for myself I am a land mammal, completely averse to swimming or getting wet.

Southern Sabbatical


An old post, but I think auspicious enough to inaugurate my new blog, especially since in includes my favorite things: coffee, macaroons and portrait shots. 

This, I suppose, is my experiment, phrased in cloudy half-statements: the creation of another world through pictures and sleepy phrases. Like this idyllic evening in Nashville, spent with one of my closest friends. Chain or not, Provence will always remain a favorite for macaroons and new caffeinated creations.